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Our desire is to live in a society that understands, respects, and includes Muslims in mainstream culture by aiding in efforts that improve the representation and inclusion of Muslims.

Muppies tackles this challenge through the avenues we know best: business and community service.

By investing in the Muslim leaders of today and tomorrow, we encourage Muslim professionals to lead by example and break down the barriers that prevent a compassionate, inclusive society.

Muppies Annual Conference (MAC) / Symposium

Held annually in autumn, the Muppies Annual Conference (MAC) is the world’s premier professional conference for Muslims. MAC is an opportunity to reunite individual Muppies members and corporate members with the global organization. By sharing professional and leadership tools, techniques, and stories, we embolden our members to return to their respective cities with renewed motivation to achieve their leadership goals at work and in their communities. In some years, in lieu of a conference, Muppies opts to host an industry symposium to which all members are invited. MAC 2019

Muppies Webinar Series

Held regularly throughout the year, the Muppies Webinar Series showcases the talent and expertise within Muppies’ global network. In this series, speakers share industry best practices and soft skills exclusively to Muppies members through Zoom.

Muppies Leadership Summit

Held annually during the spring, the Muppies Leadership Summit (MLS) is an annual meeting of local and global Muppies volunteer leaders. Each MLS has in-person leadership development talk, strategic planning breakout sessions, roundtables, and social opportunities that allow team members from around the globe to network with one another in person.

Tech Talent Program

This program is an avenue for emerging talent to explore options for business and management work within the tech sector with the guidance of experts. The Tech Talent program will help Muslim professionals connect with others who work in tech, explore options in the industry, and advance their careers. If you’re interested in adding your expertise to this mix, please let us know! For more information or to be notified on program launch, contact

Programming will include:
– Webinars featuring speakers from the tech industry,
– Intimate mentorship groups, and
– A “starter kit” to help guide mentees through the process of transitioning into a business or management role.

Day of Service

Muppies from around the world take part in a day of coordinated service projects. The projects and partner organizations are unique to each local Muppies City Committee.

Summer Internship Program

Since 2013, Muppies’ Summer Internship Program has helped connect students with professionals across the United States and abroad. Each summer, we host events to welcome Muslim undergraduate interns to the Muppies organization and its network in major cities around the world. This includes a networking social and community service event.


Each Ramadan, Muppies hosts local iftars around the world for members to gather, break fast, and raise funds for a good cause. Iftars often include engaging presentations by partners and experts.

Muppies Investor Fellowship

In partnership with our founding sponsor, Aldrich Capital Partners, Muppies launched a Fellowship Program in 2024 helps current MBA students who are looking to either break into, or accelerate their investing careers, with existing investors. This program builds upon past Investment Banking and Consulting programs that Muppies has successfully run, and expands our reach in a way that aligns with our mission of advancing leadership in business, media and technology for Muslim professionals.

Program Details

Through the Muppies Investment Fellowship, 10 outstanding MBA students are matched through an interview process with select fellowship opportunities in the summer across established and emerging investment firms. In addition to matching candidates with firms in the investment asset class of their choice (PE, VC, Public Markets, Digital Assets, etc), the program will also provide a cash stipend to students.

If you are interested and qualified, please fill our the application.

Muppies Consulting Program

Through Muppies Consulting Program, you’ll be able to gain valuable insights, mentorship, and hands-on experience from seasoned consultants. Participate in workshops, case studies, and networking events to sharpen your problem-solving skills and pave the way for a successful career in consulting.

Muppies Investment Banking Program

Benefit from expert guidance, industry knowledge, and practical training from accomplished investment bankers. Through tailored workshops, networking opportunities, and real-world simulations, you’ll develop a solid foundation and gain the necessary skills to thrive in investment banking.

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