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Partnership and Distribution Policy

Muppies is a membership organization and out of respect for members, we adhere to the following guidelines when sharing content with members and partnering with other organizations. We do not share content from non-members with Muppies members at this time. Thank you for understanding.

  • Event/Program Partnerships: Muppies is happy to co-plan or co-sponsor an event or program in which both/all organizations contribute equal resources to ensure the event/program’s success.
  • Distribution: Muppies may share content to its members if the request to distribute information is on behalf of its members. The request must come from an active Muppies member who is actively involved in the creation of the event/program beyond supporting the initiative as a participant.

For more information on partnering with Muppies, click here.

Requests for partnerships or content distribution must be aligned with Muppies’ mission, not violate any of Muppies’ values or code of conduct, and clearly benefit Muppies members.