Partner with Muppies

Muppies is a professional membership organization that boasts a membership of 2,900+ members active in over 11 cities across the globe.

The Leadership team actively explores new partnerships with fellow community organizations and welcomes requests for event and program partnerships that are aligned with Muppies’ mission, values, and codes of conduct, and clearly benefit Muppies’ membership. Partnership requests that come from a Muppies member are more likely to be considered.


Event/Program Co-Sponsors

Muppies welcomes invitations to co-plan or co-sponsor an event or program in which both/all organizations contribute equal resources to ensure the event/program’s success.

Marketing/Promotional Partner

Promotional partnership requests must come from a member who is actively involved in organizing the event/program which is being promoted. This partnership could involve cross-promotion, cross-publication of logos on upcoming event content, or discounted entry fees for Muppies members in exchange for having Muppies share promotional partnership content with its membera.

Interested in partnering with Muppies, but are not a member?
  • Consider applying for membership.
  • Express your interest in partnering using the form below and we may be able to put you in touch with a member to sponsor you.
Are you a member and interested in partnering with Muppies?
  • Complete the form below to submit a partnership request.
Please note the following limitations:
  • Muppies will not host events that advertise a product or service unless the Leadership Team believes there is a true benefit to Muppies’ membership.
  • Muppies will not partner with political candidates, political parties, or political action committees (PACs)– for any party or race.
  • At this time, Muppies does not share content from non-members with Muppies members.

Thank you. We look forward to hearing from you!

Please complete this form to submit a partnership request.