Muppies Chicago: Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare Fireside Chat

On Sunday, April 22, Muppies Chicago, OPEN Chicago, American Muslim Health Professionals (AMHP), and the Downtown Islamic Center hosted a fireside chat on the emerging role of artificial intelligence in healthcare with:

Addressing a packed room of 60 attendees and moderated by AMHP’s Afroz Hafeez and Muppies Chicago’s Ismail Ali, the speakers discussed their career origins, transition into healthcare and technology, and predictions for the future of healthcare.

Below are several takeaways from the discussions and Q&A:

  • Technologies don’t replace people, but they replace the work people do. Artificial intelligence-powered tools will be something that clinicians use to better provide care, rather than something that completely replaces clinicians.
  • Historically, medical training taught doctors to treat but not to explain. As more of the treatment they provide is guided by tools other than their own minds, doctors will need to focus on understanding patients’ conditions and explaining what is happening to patients.
  • When building a business, don’t obsess over your solution until you’ve obsessed over the problem your users face.
  • When evaluating new opportunities, consider them in the context of finances, family, and how they will grow your career.


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