Killer Questions to Ask Potential Mentors – Part 1

 If you had 30 minutes with one of your role models, what three questions would you have asked them to make the conversation interesting for both parties, and for them to want to become your mentor?


The Muppies community shared their responses below, compiled by Muppies member Javad Mushtaq. We’ll share these questions weekly so come back next week for more.


General insights:

  • Do your research on their background. Know their strengths and weaknesses. In that way, you can ask specific and relevant questions
  • For any relationship to be strong, each party should be able to bring something to the table. You want to ask yourself this question: what can I offer this person? Can I do anything to help that person?
  • Find commonalities between you, in terms of interests. Start discussing around that, e.g. travel, sports etc.
  • Let him/her talk about him(her)self. People love that. The more the person talks, the better and comfortable he/she will feel.
  • Be honest – tell them it’s difficult to find good mentors, if that is the case
  • Show him/her gratitude both during your time with the person, and especially afterwards (e.g., someone sent their mentor a hand written thank you note on a customized postcard that had his pictures on it)