Farida Talaat is on the Move

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As Head of Public Relations at Manzil, Farida Talaat is responsible for creating strategies to raise awareness about Manzil’s financial products and solutions across Canada. Manzil is a pioneering, privately held Islamic Fintech startup that specializes in Islamic finance, lending, investments, and insurance. The company is introducing innovative, unprecedented lending products for the first time in Canada by offering what they call ‘Halal Mortgages.’ The company is based in Toronto, with overseas operations in New York, San Francisco, and Dubai.

Farida oversees the company’s entire Communications function, which includes drafting and issuing press releases, managing social media, developing new partnerships, and participating in awards.

Recently, Manzil won the World Islamic Fintech Awards (WIFA) 2019 in the Most Promising Islamic Fintech Start-up of the Year category. Farida led the drafting of the award submission and made sure the organization met every criterion. She is particularly proud of this award, as it was the organization’s third award submission. She is very happy to be doing meaningful work around helping fellow Muslim professionals and contributing to setting a precedent for alternative methods of finance in Canada.

Q&A With Farida

How have you been involved with Muppies?  

At first, I was looking for organizations that cater to Muslim working professionals around the world. I was based in Dubai at the time and was so happy to find a nascent City Committee just starting in the UAE. I immediately signed up to become a member. A year later, when a marketing position in the City Committee opened up, I approached the President and Vice President who were very supportive and interviewed me. I have been the Marketing Director for Muppies UAE for three years.

I am responsible for devising the marketing plans and drafting all communications, as well as handling our social media presence. Over the years, I planned tens of events from business networking and professional development sessions to gatherings and breakfast talks, including the flagship annual giving Iftar during the Holy month of Ramadan. On a global level, I also participated in two consecutive Leadership Summits in New York where global leaders get together over two days to share experiences and get inspired.

How would you like to help our Muppies Network going forwards? 

I believe in Muppies’ vision and values. I think this is what our community needs: professional development and support for promising Muslim leaders.

As a global citizen, I can plug myself into any urban setting and get to work. I see myself working across cities assisting with collaborations and sharing knowledge. I am forever interested in entrepreneurship and philanthropy and hope to use my management, writing, and language skills to that benefit. I would also like to explore mentoring others.

Can you share a random fact about you?

I recently got a banana bread recipe that uses honey as a secret ingredient. It’s safe to say I now bake it every week.

Congratulations, Farida!


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