2019-2020 Executive Team: Group Responsibilities

Muppies Executive Team
Roles and Responsibilities

Purpose: To act as ambassadors of the mission and activities of Muppies in order to empower and advance Muslim professionals to be leaders in their careers and communities.

The Executive Team shall participate actively in the programs and activities of Muppies as officers and committee members. Exec Team members are the lead strategists and executors of Muppies’ global activities and are also the lead resource for City Executive Committees.

Background: Though Muppies has existed for over 10 years, it was only incorporated into a 501c3 within the past 5 years. As required by 501c3s, Muppies is in the process of recruiting a Board of Directors with legal and fiduciary responsibilities. The Executive Team acts as the organization’s lead steering committee, overseeing strategy and execution on activities at the global level; the Exec Team also provides strategic guidance for the organization’s 11 City Executive Committees.

Term: 2 years; may succeed themselves. A term spans from end of Ramadan to end of Ramadan.
Eligibility: Executive Team members must be members of Muppies.

Responsibilities of Muppies Executive Team:

1. Uphold the organization’s mission and purpose
2. Support the Board of Directors in ensuring the financial well-being of the organization
3. Work in conjunction with the Board of Directors to craft the Strategic Plan; will take primary responsibility to execute the Strategic Plan
4. Enhance the organization’s public image
5. Ensure effective organizational structure and planning
6. Oversee a working committee (per individual’s committee descriptions)
7. Ensure that projects / activities are delivered on time according to the Annual Operational Plan
8. Participate in the organization’s fundraising efforts
9. Develop Muppies’ pipeline of volunteer leaders
10. Ability to join bi-weekly phone calls and quarterly in-person Exec Team meetings

Meeting Dates: Every other Wednesday phone (1hr); 2:30pm PT / 5:30pm ET